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> Are both freebsd APs?

Nope, the main station is a FreeBSD box, the remote is a cheap commodity AP 
(there are a lot that claim to do WDS for under £10 - I have two different 
models for testing).

> It looks reasonably straightfoward. I really should just give this a
> go at home on an extender AP and test the hell out of it.

Let me know how it goes...

> So, for wifi traffic, you absolutely want the wifi VAPs in a bridge
> group as the traffic between stations and APs is all layer-2.

I think I'm missing something here.  The script created a bridge between the 
wireless and wired interfaces.  I don't think I want that, so what do I want 
the bridge between?

> There's
> no routing involved. If you want to route between the bridge0
> interface and the rest of the system then please do so but do put the
> STA and AP VAPs into the same bridge group.

'STA and AP VAPs'?  Can we go back to assuming that I don't know anything 


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