On Thu, Apr 03, 2014 at 04:42:07PM -0700, Adrian Chadd wrote:
A> I've had no time to continue looking at this, I'm sorry.
A> I'm very overworked and I'm not able to be both the net80211, ath and
A> iwn maintainer given how much actual attention they all require.
A> Someone has to step up and take command of the iwn code.

I must admit that right now iwn(4) is in much worse shape than it was
a year ago. :( And the fact you abandon it in current shape is very

I started to use laptops with iwn(4) about 3 years ago, and I always
track head on my laptop. My connectivity was perfect for the first two
years. But for the last year the situation is getting worse and worse.
Since you were actively hacking on iwn(4), I decided to keep calm an
wait for you to achieve your goals, only then complain. Now you
abandon it.

What hurts me right now:

- The overall network performance is extremely bad. Doing an scp(1)
  from/to a box, that is on the same LAN I am achieving 30 Kb/s with
  long stalls. For the last couple of months I am moving larger files
  to my laptop with help of a USB memstick.

- When I actually do run bulk upload/download via iwn(4), the entire
  office WiFi goes almost dead. My colleagues can't skype while I am
  copying a kernel file from my laptop to other close box, and copying
  lasts more than a minute (see above). Actually, not only WiFi is
  deafened by current iwn(4), it looks like entire 2.4GHz band is
  noised, because my wireless mouse gets very laggy and lossy
  during any bulk activity via iwn(4).

- Even tiny traffic volume experiences packet loss. Right now I'm
  typing this via ssh, and sometimes I feel packet loss in the

Note that my hardware haven't changed at all during last year. Only
version of FreeBSD.

Right now I have strong desire to update my sources of dev/iwn to
early 2013, get it compilable and work with that.

Totus tuus, Glebius.
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