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Adrian Chadd <adr...@freebsd.org> wrote:

> Coexistence is to deal with the fact that a 40MHz channel may overlap
> a 20MHz-only AP in the extension channel.
> If the AP finds a 20MHz AP in the extension channel (ie, the other
> half of its 40MHz) channel then it'll flip itself to 20MHz. If it
> determines it isn't there any more, it'll flip the BSS to the 40MHz
> channel.
> Now, why the hell it's causing the connection to fail? I have no idea.
> can someone file a PR that says it's all busted with 40MHz coxistence
> enabled? We can then start debugging from that position.
I am not so sure if it is a general problem or just a DLink problem.

I just activated my own access point and it worked there. The only
problem is that it also works with DLink but only randomly. So, it
still could have been that I was just always lucky when connecting to
the ProLink access point I have.

As the DLink is not mine, I am not even able to access its
administration interface.

Can I suggest to wait a bit to get more feedback to see if it is a
general problem or a problem only linked to one manufacturer?

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