This is close to my final first cut of this station mode powersave
stuff for the atheros hardware.
Combined with the net80211 changes that are now in HEAD, the driver
can be put into network sleep in order to conserve power and only wake
up when it needs to.


Now, this is the first cut. It works on the AR5211, AR5212, AR5416. I
haven't tested it on the AR9160, AR9280 and later hardware (but I will
before I commit it.)

It isn't going to support the aggressive power save stuff yet (like
uapsd and ps-poll.) It just puts the NIC into network-sleep if there's
been no active transmit work for 500ms. It also puts the NIC to sleep
if all the VAPs are down. It also isn't on by default - you need to
add 'powersave' to the ifconfig create line.

It does save up to a couple of watts of power at idle, so it's
worthwhile to start testing.

I would however like some wider testing. Please have ATH_DEBUG and
AH_DEBUG defined before using this.

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