I had a problem downloading the big distfile for textproc/qt4-xml, didn't post 
on the emailing list the first time, but this happened last night with 4.8.6, 
after previously happening with 4.8.5.

It would be unable to connect, or it would connect and then after getting 
partway through, stop and go to another server and start again.

I use Hiro H50191 USB-stick wireless adapter, device rsu, which normally works, 
but something strrange happens with this port.

I got around this problem, first by downloading to a USB stick on the other 
computer, and sneakernetting, copying to distfiles directory, and then resuming 
port build.

Last night, wireless connection bugged out, and system crashed (11-head amd64). 
 Then. after several reboots trying to fix scrambled state of memory on the 
computer, booted successfully with NetBSD-current amd64, ran "dhcpcd re0", was 
conected, went into lynx and downloaded the distifile into FreeBSD ports 
distfiles directory.  I subsequently rebooted into FreeBSD and upgraded the 
qt4-xml port (4.8.5 was marked vulnerable).

A bug in re(4) prevents me from Ethernet connection in FreeBSD, also OpenBSD 
and DragonFlyBSD, but OK with NetBSD and Linux.  This puts Hiro H50191 wireless 
adapter into heavy use for FreeBSD.

This is mysterious to me, why I get stuck on this particular distfile download. 
 I can download other big things, such as System Rescue CD ISO image.


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