On 06/17/2014 11:48, Adrian Chadd wrote:

You also have to be careful that you don't fall afoul of any RCU style
patents. One of the many reasons why mac80211 from linux hasn't been
ported over is that it contains RCU code.

Ugh. That sounds like nasty business. Is there any sort of write-up for driver development that outlines the patents we're trying to dodge?

I have a very basic probe/attach working. My next task is implementing
their "transaction" layer that speaks to various busses (although the
only thing they currently ship in Linux is PCIe.) I'm kind of hoping
that once I've implemented that, porting the rest of the driver won't
be so terrible-sounding.

Well, I'm not promising any results, and I only have time for it as a side-project, but if you point me to what you've got or send it to me, I'll take a swing at it.
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