On 06/27/14 06:39, Thomas Mueller wrote:
My Internet connection on this computer is very iffy at best, not running as I 
type this.

Motherboard is MSI Z77 MPOWER.

Ethernet is Realtek (re): good with NetBSD, Linux and Haiku, (Free,Open and 
DragonFly)BSD bug out.

Only Internet connection for FreeBSD is Hiro H50191 USB-stick wireless adapter, 
chipset RTL8191SU, device rsu.

Sometimes it connects.  Running ifconfig (by itself), I get, whether connection 
is working ot not,


You can help us by sending an e-mail to the manufacturer to provide the programmers guide for this device so that we can make a proper driver. I understand your device does not work that great under FreeBSD.

It is also possible for you look into the code and try and modify things, watch debug prints and so on and propose a patch. It is not that difficult.

Another option is to buy a Raalink based WLAN dongle. See ural/run/rum drivers. They work much more reliably!

Thank you!


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