First of all: I'm quiet new to the world of BSD. So if this is the wrong way to 
do things, please forgive me.

I have bough a shining new laptop, but neither FreeBSD 10 nor OpenBSD support 
the wireless chip.
>From what I gather the chip is an Intel Dual-Band Wireless-N7260. The laptop 
>is a Sony Vaio Pro SVP1321M2EB.EC1.
pciconf -lv http://pastebin.com/m7W7pLqR
 dmesg      http://pastebin.com/gfFaXHHd
 uname -a http://pastebin.com/S40JJ0EJ
I have no access to the Internet on my FreeBSD installation. But I can transfer 
patches via my Ubuntu partition or a USB stick.
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