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                   |                            |BCM43224 doesn't work

--- Comment #1 from Gavin Atkinson <> ---

Unfortunately, we do not have a driver for the BCM43224 WiFi chipset - this
chipset is entirely undocumented, making it hard to support.

For the sound issue, it looks like your system actually has four different
sound interfaces, and my guess is that we're defaulting to the wrong interface.
 In a root shell, can you try:

sysctl hw.snd.default_unit=0

and then try playing sound.  If that doesn't work, try setting it to 1, 2 and
then 3, each time stopping and restarting playing audio each time.  I suspect
one setting will make audio work (note that it is possible that PC-BSD provides
a "proper" interface to do this, however I'm afraid that I don't know what that
would be.

It's not clear from the debug output you gave what the issue could be with the
fan being stuck on high speed.  Could you show the output of "vmstat -i; sleep
10; vmstat -i" when the fan is running at high speed on an otherwise idle

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