--- Comment #1 from Adrian Chadd <> ---

root@freebsd-carambola2:/home/adrian # sysctl dev.ath.0.stats.sync_intr | grep
-v ': 0$'
dev.ath.0.stats.sync_intr.10: 52
dev.ath.0.stats.sync_intr.13: 52

The bits from ar9300reg.h:

    AR9300_INTR_SYNC_RADM_CPL_TLP_ABORT     = 0x00000400,
    AR9300_INTR_SYNC_LOCAL_TIMEOUT          = 0x00002000,

.. now, the former is not entirely right - those bits are PCIe host interface
specific. The latter bit is likely valid for the AR9331.

I'll have to get a hold of the AR9331 host interface description from Atheros
to figure out what the sync interrupt bits actually mean here.

I do think that a register was programmed whilst the NIC was in network or full
sleep. I'll have to figure out why my debugging code isn't picking up on that.

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