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> Hi!
> I kinda got fed up with the lack of functioning inject.
> * monitor mode isn't inject mode;
> * ahdemo mode seems .. less useful.
> So I just created IEEE80211_M_INJECT and taught net80211 / ath about
> it. This is like monitor mode (straight to RUN, no need to set an
> SSID, no auto scanning by default) but it allows transmit and
> populates the node table with temporary node entries.
> So:
> http://people.freebsd.org/~adrian/ath/20140809-net80211-ath-inject-1.diff

This patch looks incomplete.  Did you forget to diff sys/net?

> I'd like to commit this in the next couple of days.
> I've also tested this with aircrack-ng - the built port didn't work
> with monitor mode modified to inject frames. I don't know why. Rebuilt
> from source worked fine. I've just modified my local copy to set the
> IFM_IEEE80211_INJECT flag rather than monitor flag and it seems it's
> all okay.
> The only issue I've seen with packet injection is that aircrack-ng
> isn't waiting until the interface is up before trying to send frames,
> so some are rejected rather than buffered.

In general, I'd prefer to have one mode.  aircrack used to work in monitor 
mode, so I'm surprised the problem is the lack of an inject mode.  Looking at 
the code, you're pretty much defining INJECT to be MONITOR mode.

Rui Paulo

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