... interesting. Ok, so:

* if I just "remove" sam's patch there, monitor mode works to inject;
* I've patched kismet so it reads the radiotap data using the example
parser and added XCHANNEL support - so now it actually works nicely;
* aircrack-ng from ports doensn't send - it's triggering on this in net80211:

        wh = mtod(m, struct ieee80211_frame *);
        if ((wh->i_fc[0] & IEEE80211_FC0_VERSION_MASK) !=
                senderr(EIO);   /* XXX */

.. I haven't looked into why yet.

* but, aircrack-ng built from source works, save for when it tries to
transmit too quickly after changing channels.

Ok, so I'm going to just revert that change for now and see about
figuring out some other way to enforce regulatory concerns on monitor
mode transmit. (Likely by allowing receive, but failing transmit on
non-regulatory channels.)

I'll speak to the Kismet author here tomorrow and see about getting
this replacement radiotap parser in so it works correctly again in

And as for aircrack-ng - guess I'll poke the port maintainer.

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