On Sun, Aug 10, 2014 at 01:28:22AM -0700, Adrian Chadd wrote:
> ... interesting. Ok, so:
> * if I just "remove" sam's patch there, monitor mode works to inject;
> * I've patched kismet so it reads the radiotap data using the example
> parser and added XCHANNEL support - so now it actually works nicely;
> * aircrack-ng from ports doensn't send - it's triggering on this in net80211:
>         wh = mtod(m, struct ieee80211_frame *);
>         if ((wh->i_fc[0] & IEEE80211_FC0_VERSION_MASK) !=
>             IEEE80211_FC0_VERSION_0)
>                 senderr(EIO);   /* XXX */
> .. I haven't looked into why yet.
> * but, aircrack-ng built from source works, save for when it tries to
> transmit too quickly after changing channels.
> Ok, so I'm going to just revert that change for now and see about
> figuring out some other way to enforce regulatory concerns on monitor
> mode transmit. (Likely by allowing receive, but failing transmit on
> non-regulatory channels.)
> I'll speak to the Kismet author here tomorrow and see about getting
> this replacement radiotap parser in so it works correctly again in
> FreeBSD.
> And as for aircrack-ng - guess I'll poke the port maintainer.

Which is me. :)
Thanks a lot for working on this, let me know if you need any assistance
for the aircrack-ng port.
BTW the aircrack-ng developers are very helpful and FreeBSD-friendly, so
we should get patches upstream.

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