Could anybody please please recommend a USB adapter for Wireless N that:

a) works with the current set of drivers for FreeBSD 9.3-RELEASE or 10.0-RELEASE
   OR works with an update driver,  and give the SVN release id.
OR there are Windows Drivers for amd64, that can be converted using NDIS and that actually work... the .INF and .SYS files need to be provided/specified

b) Can be bought via Amazon, or Rakuten, or a similar online store... even Ebay...

If it is for Wireless G, or X or whatever flavor you have, I would still be interested.

I'll bet there are other folks besides myself who would be grateful for such a posting.

Also, this would be an opportunity to update the FreeBSD USB Adapter list. If there are responses to this posting, I would suggest that a summary be posted to one of the more general FreeBSD mailing lists.

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