How do I ALTQ my wireless (hostap mode) interface in 10.0-R? If I try
to add a queue to wlan0, pf complains that wlan0 has no ALTQ support
(even though it is an ath(4) interface and ath(4) is supposed to be
supported by ALTQ). ALTQ is already setup and working with my wired
ethernet over em(4).

Am I supposed to specify ath0 as the interface for the pf queue?

What if I want to bridge my wireless and wired networks? I thought the
bridge would consist of em0 and wlan0 members, and pf will not like
that (claiming that bridge0 has no ALTQ driver...but I don't know if
that is pf reacting to if_bridge(4) itself not having altq support or
the wlan0 member of it...
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