I was not aware rc.conf was so sensitive to white space ...
I even think it shouldn't.

Anyhow the blanks were not really there in my rc.conf. I had to retype everything in my mail (since my laptop's network doesn't work :) and I made a few typo's. But what I did do is try to put everything on one line (see last line in your mail) and for some reason my wireless behaves better now.

If it still does not work correctly, I will use the DLINK DWA 140 dongle I still have. I already plugged it in and tested it and it seems more stable (based on RALINK chip).


On 23-08-14 14:38, Julian H. Stacey wrote:
Hi Chris cc wireless@

After reading quite some man pages, I finally have my laptop set up as
follows :
/etc/rc.conf :
ifconfig_wlan0 =" ssid myssid"
ifconfig_wlan0 ="mode 11g"
ifconfig_wlan0 ="-bgscan"
ifconfig_wlan0 = "WPA DHCP"
( I prefer wired nets & only fumble with wireless when I must, but )
The above has multiple Bourne shell syntax errors.

ifconfig_wlan0 =" ssid myssid"
................^..^    delete spaces
ifconfig_wlan0 ="mode 11g"
................^       delete space
ifconfig_wlan0 ="-bgscan"
................^       delete space
ifconfig_wlan0 = "WPA DHCP"
................^.^     delete spaces

a test live with with /bin/sh:

ifconfig_wlan0="ssid myssid"
ifconfig_wlan0="mode 11g"
ifconfig_wlan0="WPA DHCP"
echo $ifconfig_wlan0

& see 3 previous assertions overwritten by the fourth. So try either

ifconfig_wlan0="ssid myssid"
ifconfig_wlan0="$ifconfig_wlan0 mode 11g"
ifconfig_wlan0="$ifconfig_wlan0 -bgscan"
ifconfig_wlan0="$ifconfig_wlan0 WPA DHCP"


ifconfig_wlan0="ssid myssid mode 11g -bgscan WPA DHCP"


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