I'm wondering if you can tell me if it's possible to modify the FBSD TDMA code to make this card:


legal to use in its intended spectrum. By default the card violates two Part 97 rules:

1) Emissions are limited to 200kHz bandwidth
2) Symbol rate is limited to 56kSym/s

Is it possible to slow down the subcarrier symbol rate in that Atheros chip? Is it also possible to then space the subcarriers tighter together to respect the 200kHz emission bandwidth limit? They'd have to come closer together anyway to uphold OFDM subcarrier orthogonality.

Thanks for any clues,


PS: I'm asking in the interest of the HamWAN.org project. We're trying to find a more mobile solution, which penetrates through forests and some buildings. 440MHz seems to fit the bill, but hardware is really hard to come by.

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