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>> On Aug 30, 2014 9:39 AM, "Dirk E" <cipher...@hotmail.com> wrote:
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>> > ...
>> >
>> > I propose the following: create a wiki with a list of known working
>> > wireless products. Each product should note which chipset it uses, what
>> > driver it connects to, what features are suported (i.e. HOSTAP), what
>> > FreeBSD versions are supported, whether it is open source / binary blob,
>> > any license requirements (like Realtek) and a dmesg snippet where the
>> > driver is detected. It can be managed by a maintainer that accepts email
>> > reports from users who provide the required information. That way, we
>> > get a
>> > list of hardware that is known to work with FreeBSD that people can
>> > actually buy. Even a NewEgg-link or something to that effect can be
>> > provided.
>> >
>> > This website was a lot of help to me in figuring out what chipset a
>> > wireless product uses: https://wikidevi.com/wiki/Main_Page
>> > I propose something simpler for FreeBSD; just a single wiki page that
>> > lists products that either work or do not work.
> I fully agree with that we need more structured documentation about what
> is working, in which versions and with which details. I'm editing in the
> FreeBSD Wiki the webcam compatibility list and I know that editing Wiki
> pages can be a mess and is not what every user who got something to
> work, or to know, is wanting to do. What we do need is somekind of
> database with a webform by which everybody could insert (or even edit)
> exsisting data, ofc with somekind of creation of account and an anti-SPAM
> capcha. Without this, the data actualization depends on the time and
> availibility of the maintainer(s) of the page and information tends to be
> outdated.
Maybe it would easier to maintain a list of  supported chipsets and
provide a link to a website with a hardware database (e.g.
wikidevi.com)? There are not so many chips as compared with the amount
of different devices. Also wikidevi and similar projects are not
depend on OS and have a wider auditory. Just my 2 cents.

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