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Hi guys,

Thank you very much for giving this attention, I really appreciate that.

Of course I'd be willing to try patches, altho I really do prefer to stay
on the 10.1 series on this system at this moment.  I could scout for another
chassis and try later versions in that if really necessary.

While you guys are looking into this, this morning I ran into the issue
described here:

Could you maybe have a look into that as well?

Basically what I witnessed having is many "run0: device timeout" messages
and everybody loosing connection.
A simple "ifconfig wlan0 down ; ifconfig wlan0 up" fixed it.

The documentation says the driver should reset the device when this happens.
That would be cool if it would do that, or do a "down / up" equivalent.

I am really sorry to add more work to this and appreciate what you're doing
for this!


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