--- Comment #9 from Juan Ramón Molina Menor <> ---
malo(4) is the Marvell Libertas IEEE 802.11b/g wireless network driver. It is
included in GENERIC kernel. It requires a firmware kernel module that must be
installed through a port that it’s not present in the current ports tree and
have to be downloaded from:

As this port has not been updated to conform to the new staging infrastructure,
these family of NICs cannot work in recent versions of FreeBSD.

I guess the solution should be to contact for replacing the
above mentioned file with the patched (staged) one provided by Carlos. Or move
the port to the official ports tree and change the malo(4) man page. This is
maybe not possible, as hinted in the pkg-descr file:

Marvell Libertas 88W8335 firmware files are not free because Marvell
refuses to grant distribution rights.  As a result, we need to build the
firmware using ports.

This firmware files are comed from OpenBSD malo driver.

Hope I understood it well and it helps,

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