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John, I've few doubts about the package, namely the issues listed by portlint:

WARN: Makefile: use of DISTFILES with single file discouraged. distribution
filename should be set by DISTNAME and EXTRACT_SUFX.
WARN: Makefile: Consider defining LICENSE.
WARN: Makefile: DISTFILES/DISTNAME affects WRKSRC. take caution when changing
WARN: Makefile: "NO_PACKAGE" found. do not forget to update ports/LEGAL.

and the fact that the port is called 'malo-firmware-1.4' however, the port
version seems to be extracted from firmware version, that comes from distfiles
and currently is  '', so the package name will be extremely confusing,
like 'malo-firmware-1.4-'. Beside that, what's the '1.4', if the port
version is ''?

Mind looking into the Makefile a bit more carefully and help us solve the

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