Hello everyone,
glad to meet you. I subscribed to this list in order to get my above mentioned 
card to work.Currently, the situation is as follows:It's Intel Centrino 
wireless-N 2230 Mini PCIe that came pre-installed on my GA-Z77N-wifi 
motherboard.I'm running 11.0-CURRENT, downloaded pre-compiled txz distro files, 
dated 22.01.2015.
iwn0 interface gets created (in 10.1-RELEASE it doesn't), also wlan0 interface 
gets created all right.ifconfig wlan0 list scan command returns the list of the 
available SSIDs with parameters.However, wpa_supplicant fails to connect to my 
router's SSID, though it is present among the scan results.ifconfig wlan0 
shows, among other things, "no carrier" for wlan0.  Manual connection using 
wpa_cli is no better.
BTW, can I somehow apply the needed code to 10.1-STABLE source tree and compile 
there, or do I need 11-CURRENT to run the latest version of this driver? 
Because 11-CURRENT will require rebuilding all ports. So right now I'm running 
it on a separate spare HDD, only base system.
Thanks to everyone for your hard work :)))
 With kindest regards,
Kostya Berger
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