Hello everyone,

I’ve installed FreeBSD 10.1 on my MacBook Pro 13 mid 2012. Everything works 
pretty good, except wireless. It works with [ndis], but it doesn’t work with 
existing [bwi-firmware-kmod] and [bwn-firmware-kmod] facilities.

I’ve looked into [bwn] port Makefile 
 and found that all it does is just to download necessary firmware ( 
and, extracts it via [b43-fwcutter-015] and compiles it into kernel 

So the first problem is that 4th gen firmware does not support my BCM4331.

Also i’ve found the [siba-bwn], which recognizes the broadcom devices: 

So summary it seems that it is not so hard to support my BCM4331. I have to:

- port [b43-fwcutter-018] to FreeBSD, because earlier versions doesn’t work 
with newest firmware
- update existing [bwn-firmware-kmod] to point it to newest firmware
- add my BCM4331 device to [siba-bwn]

I expect that after this steps my BCM4331 should be working. But I am new in 
FreeBSD and I’m just asking you for any help like related information, existing 
problems, links, etc.

I am not sure if I am right in my theory, but for me it seems that it should 
work. So if you know another problems, which I don’t, please let me know before 
I go through this steps.

Thank you for excellent operating system, now it’s my favorite one!

Best regards,
Alexander Perechnev.
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