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Author: adrian
Date: Fri Feb 27 04:45:48 UTC 2015
New revision: 279350

  Fix kern/196290 - don't announce 11n HTINFO rates if the channel is
  configured as 11b.

  This came up when debugging other issues surrounding scanning and
  channel modes.

  What's going on:

  * The VAP comes up as an 11b VAP, but on an 11n capable NIC;
  * .. it announces HTINFO and MCS rates;
  * The AP thinks it's an 11n capable device and transmits 11n frames
    to the STA;
  * But the STA is in 11b mode, and thus doesn't receive/ACK the frames.

  It didn't happen for the ath(4) devices as the AR5416/AR9300 HALs
  unconditionally enable MCS frame reception, even if the channel
  mode is not 11n.  But the Intel NICs are configured in 11b/11a/11g
  modes when doing those, even if 11n is enabled and available.

  So, don't announce 11n capabilities if the VAP isn't on an 11n
  channel when sending management assocation request / reassociation
  request frames.


  * Lots more testing - 11n should be "upgraded" after association,
    and I just want to make sure I haven't broken 11n upgrade.
    I shouldn't have - this is only happening for /sending/ association
    requests, which APs aren't doing.


  * ath(4) APs (AR9331, AR7161+AR9280, AR934x)
  * AR5416, STA mode
  * Intel 5100, STA mode

  PR:        kern/196290


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