On 13 May 2015 at 16:04, Willem Offermans <wil...@offermans.rompen.nl> wrote:
> Dear FreeBSD friends,
> I like to install a ``captive portal'' system
> (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Captive_portal) on my running FreeBSD
> server. I like to connect possible authentication with a ticket system,
> where possible users need to obtain a ticket for web access. The ticket
> should be valid for a limited amount of time.
> Can anyone recommend such a system?

Have you looked at net-mgmt/chillisport or net-mgmt/coova ?

Coova is actively "maintained" but the version in our ports tree is
pretty old (because I'm still working on fixing functionality in the
upstream repo). Should work fine on a system running FreeBSD 9.x and
prior and do what you require.

Sevan / Venture37
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