vm tty's link to ethernet and wifi  TTYoverEthernet.could have a soft KVM built 
in to switch from server to serverfor a mobile dataacenter console. or have 
multiple screens inwindows.  this would only need to add a screen to existing 
off the shelfwireless router boards with MIPS chips, no need to use anything 
more powerful.
vm tty's linked to serial analog uhf tv two-way radios back to a cloud or 
datacenter for processing power.  with this optionthere is little or no concern 
with bandwidth because everythingis streamed, tho analog requires more 
bandwidth, it would proveto be more responsive, less lag from the input devices 
to thescreen.
wifi is probably better and more suited.
i believe microsoft would have a similar ability with hyper-v.                  
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