Hi again :-)

I have been running -current for a few days with working wifi (Yay!) on my
X230 & 2200 card, and just had my first kernel panic - which was exiting!

This seemed to be due to the iwn0 driver - at least that's what the
messages above the db prompt stated...

However, I had, about 10 minutes before the panic, loaded the coretemp and
acpi_ibm kernel modules, so I wonder if they might have somehow had
something to do with it?

Anyway, I just wanted to find out what the best way to report this is, and
how to best get and submit whatever info might be useful to the developers?



On 19 August 2015 at 18:29, Toby Slight <tobysli...@gmail.com> wrote:

> On 19 Aug 2015 17:37, "Michael B. Eichorn" <i...@michaeleichorn.com> wrote:
> > From what I hear freebsd-update probably will not implement this, however
> > there is a possibility that some option might develop as a result of
> > packaging base, which is currently an active project. For more info
> > checkout the presentation @bapt gave at BSDCan 2015 [1] and the interview
> > he gave on the BSDNow Podcast [2].
> >
> > [1] Presentation (44 min): https://youtu.be/Br6izhH5P1I
> >     Q&A (14 min): https://youtu.be/v7px6ktoDAI
> > [2] Interview (12 min): https://youtu.be/gDi09Wfx-9s?t=25m2s
> Nice! Many thanks for the links :-)

0x2b || !0x2b
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