I tried to look for beacon frames using tcpdump on another urtwn adapter
but unfortunately it doesn't appear to be working. I see a "need
promiscuous mode update callback" printed out on the console every time
I try. I assume that's indicative of a problem. Is there something else
I should try besides running the second adapter in monitor mode and then
running tcpdump on the interface? I did see these when running tcpdump
on the wlan0 hostap adapter itself ...

I have tested this patch with RTL8188EU in hostap mode
(and with WUSB54GC in monitor mode) - and have not seen beacons from it too.

The station wasn't able to associate with both bits stripped. It did
work with the bssid data bit stripped, so the new patch reflects that.
I'm not sure what the most appropriate comment update should be there so
I left it as is.

Sorry for misunderstanding - I have mean BCN flag ('receive beacon frames'),
not DATA flag ('receive data frames').

Latest patch is attached.

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