I think I'm about done with if_otus. I'm not going to try and make
802.11n work with the current firmware - if anyone would like to make
802.11n work, please first start by updating the driver to work with
the carl9170 firmware instead of this really old atheros provided
binary blob firmware.

About the only thing that I'd like to see added is actual monitor
mode. There are monitor / promisc mode bits in the openbsd driver but
when trying to use them I found it still doesn't seem to see packets
destined for other hosts. I'd be grateful if someone figured that out
and posted patches to fix them.

I have a few more corner cases to handle in if_otus / if_rsu before I
start on tidying up another driver and net80211 in general. But
outside of the few things I'll do, the functionality is done and it
seems to work stable if a bit slower than I'd expect.

Note: if anyone has the dual-band AR9170 hardware then I'd really
appreciate this driver tested on 5GHz. I've no idea if it'll work at
the moment and I can't justify dropping $40 just to get one to test.


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