> Yup, it's a firmware crash. You'll have to bring the interface down
> and up again to restart it.

  Hello, Adrian.

  Thank you for your reply.
  It seems that to connect wifi again, ifconfig wlan0 down and
ifconfig wlan0 up are not sufficient. I can restart as follows.

# kldunload if_iwm
# kldload if_iwm
# ifconfig lagg0 laggproto failover laggport ue0 laggport wlan0

  I'm setting wired nic's mac address as wifi nic's mac address,
because if I do 'ifconfig wlan0 ether XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX', the first
auth will be failed (firmware crash).
  The first one hour is very stable via iwm0. (11g/11a both OK).
Masachika ISHIZUKA
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