Hey there --


You might have received a few emails recently from a user on our site 
encouraging you to participate in a pretty obvious scam, and that’s not what 
we’re about at GiveForward.


While this is an extremely rare occurrence for us, it’s still something we’re 
not proud of, so we wanted to simply say: We’re sorry. 


As soon as we were alerted to the unauthorized use of one of our tools, we 
banned the users responsible -- and we took actions to make sure this kind of 
problem doesn’t happen again. 


At GiveForward, we believe in helping people navigate life's challenges in the 
best ways we know how: by giving and receiving meaningful support from their 


As we like to say around here -- hugs and high fives,




Chad Cooper

Chief Technology Officer

c...@giveforward.com ( 

www.GiveForward.com ( 


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