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I split previous patch into smaller pieces. If you wish, you can test
them and say, which helps (if any).

To speed up the process, you can use the following procedure
(will work only if urtwn(4) is not compiled into the kernel):
1) before patching:
   mv /boot/kernel/if_urtwn.ko /boot/kernel/if_urtwn.ko.bak && cd /usr/src
2) svn patch --reverse-diff <old-diff>
3) svn patch <new-diff>
4) make buildkernel KERNFAST=yes
5) ifconfig wlan0 down
6) ifconfig wlan0 destroy
7) kldunload if_urtwn
8) kldload `find /usr/obj/usr/src/sys -name if_urtwn.ko`
9) <check if everything works. if no, goto 2)>
10) at the end:
   mv /boot/kernel/if_urtwn.ko.bak /boot/kernel/if_urtwn.ko

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