Hi all.

For the past year, I have been working with a team of ~20 folks across the world on "internet balloons". Essentially a DIY version of Google Project Loon. The idea is to provide commercial internet service on a permanent basis for ~5.00 per user per month. It will be open source/open access/DIY.

We've settled on using FreeBSD due to it's TDMA and 802.11s support. All around this seems to be the most mature / turn key implementation readily available. Payload is essentially a solved problem at this point. I have a Rasberry Pi 2 (or whatever the latest model with the 4 usb ports is) and a GPS HAT from Adafruit. This gives me a FreeBSD network node and highly accurate GPS timing. So far so good.

I would like to know what the best USB Wifi dongle to get. I have tried to piece it together from the FreeBSD Wifi wiki and various PDFs I've found, but wanted to do a quick ping to the hive mind for the most up to date recommendations. Obviously one with an external antenna connector. :) I've got various Alfa USB cards lying around, some rt link stuff and other random dongles. I'd like to shortcut the typical trial/error process if there is a magic unicorn USB dongle option.

It seems the intersection of TDMA + 802.11s + USB makes the selection somewhat.... interesting.

Feel free to point me at the manual and say RTFM if that's the best path.

Thanks all!
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