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> Sun, 24 Jan 2016 22:22:44 +0200 було написано Adrian Chadd
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> Hi,
> is it actual for wpi(4) / iwn(4) ?

If you defer things like tx, calibration, etc then yeah - you'll see
things like software generated probe request frames and such be

(I tried this with ath(4) about 5 years ago - hit the same issue. So
I've put it off until the scan code is "fixed".)


>> hi,
>> andriy has a few reviews out that tidy up some things, which I'd reply
>> to, but .. reviews is offline. So, here's the 30 second version:
>> * the net80211 taskqueue runs the software scan engine, and the
>> software scan engine currently sleeps whilst it's running.
>> This means that if you put newstate, deferred transmit, etc into the
>> net80211 taskqueue, then it just won't run during scan.
>> The net80211 software scan thing should be modified to not sleep
>> whilst it's waiting for scan results and instead just kick off another
>> timer event to finish that part of the loop. Then yes, we can just
>> migrate * to the net80211 task queue and use it for all serialisation
>> of a wifi driver.
>> (And yes, I'd like to see that done ASAP..)
>> Thanks,
>> -adrian
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