Hi all,
I am currently trying to get the Netgear WG111T to work with the uath 
driver.According to the manual it is supported.
I did already quite some research and debugging, and the problems obviously can 
be narrowed down to uathload not working.
When I issueuathload -v -d /dev/ugen0.2
I randomly receive to diffenteny errors.From time to time the output 
is:uathload: error reading msg (/dev/usb/0.2.1): no such file or directory
But way more often the process just hangs at "wait for ack".So exactly it 
saysLoad firmware ar5523.bin (builtin) to /dev/ugen0.2send block 0: 151368 
bytes remaining: data...: wait for ack...
and then it hangs forever.
Any ideas how I can manage to load the required firmware?
Gr33z, Tino

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