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--- Comment #6 from Andriy Voskoboinyk <> ---
Before, scanning and <smth> -> INIT (FEXT
REINIT) -> <smth2> state transition were two solid parts. How things were
1) network.subr executes 'ifconfig <iface> up', INIT -> SCAN (w/ FEXT_REINIT
flag) state transition happens;
2) INIT -> INIT, FEXT_REINIT dropped;
3) INIT -> SCAN, scanning starts (and cannot be interrupted, since
newstate_cb() uses the same taskqueue)
4) network.subr executes hostapd / wpa_supplicant -> interface reinitializes.
5) SCAN -> SCAN (w/ FEXT_REINIT flag); the task was enqueued, but (!) will not
be executed untill scan ends;
6) scan ends (no networks were seen, so it decides to create another one); SCAN
-> RUN state transition is enqueued (FEXT_REINIT is still here, but nstate will
be changed to RUN).
7) newstate_cb() is executed, SCAN -> INIT state transition (everything is
dropped via ieee80211_reset_bss() call).
8) and INIT -> RUN state transition is issued (with corresponding result).

Note: FEXT_REINIT is not added in STA mode, so it's not affected by this bug.

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