hi ,
> I had a closer look to and deeper thought about your howto
> (http://makerspaceleiden.nl/wiki/index.php/NetworkSetup_AP).
> 1) Do I understand correctly that a VAP (virtual access point) is nothing more
> than a bridge between a vlan and a wlan in hostap mode?
no it’s more like a virtual interface stacked on a physical interface.
The bridge is used to connect it to the vlan .


Actuallty some config maybe be needed/wished
to avoid loops by  propagating spanning tree on the vlan interfaces

man ifconfig => check for edge / stp

> 2) Why didn't you assign IP addresses to the bridges? Do you do this at a
>   later stage?

I have no reason to, but for any interface you can replace “up” for  "ip/mask” 
if you wish to.
If it has no ip sshd won’t bind to it. For monitoring I would prefer to monitor 
the ESP/NodeMCU sensors
that would give trough network performance from the wlan-clients perspective. 
(packet loss)

> 3) From the NetworkSetup_AP:
> <snip>
> ifconfig_wlan0="channel 6 ssid MakerSpaceLeiden_gasten up"
> ifconfig_wlan1="channel 6 ssid MakerSpaceLeiden_deelnemers up"
> ifconfig_wlan2="channel 48 ssid MakerSpaceLeiden_5G_gasten up"
> ifconfig_wlan3="channel 48 ssid MakerSpaceLeiden_5G_deelnemers up"
> ifconfig_wlan4="channel 6 ssid MakerSpaceLeiden_IoT up"
> </snip>
> The channels will be the same in all access points. Will this lead to
> instabilities when the access points are in close proximity?

This is just one acces point, in the space I currently run 4 ap’s (but i could 
be a much larger number.. )
where a push the configs from the router to the ap’s. The current space has 300 
square meter, but i would
not surprise me if that triples in the coming years…  This is config has:
- ip adresses
- ssid
- channels
- ssh-keys
- remote syslog
- ntp
- sysctl

And since it has key, there is a small shell script that mounts /cfg/ and 
copies of a tarbal
with that config, so there is also a backup / restore mechanism.

and later maybe:
- bsnmp  to get en set values
- tx power management (smaller cell and more ap when need)
- auto up and down scaling combined with the sensor net or clients per ap…
- auto cycling password’s for the guest work (bottom on the wall and a lcd 
- sflow
- mqtt posts for clients per network
- maybe maybe :: radius authentication
- mqtt-snmp bridge to drive PoE-switch related to information for the sensor 

cheers Marten

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