After a while I decided to again play with mesh. Everything works great
except bridge with LAN. In this case, packets pass in one direction while the
answer caught on edge. If I remember correctly this was working ~2012/13.
Mesh code have support for 4-addr but something is broken.

My testing setup :

(PC1-alc0) -lan- (TL-MR3020 bridge0 (addm wlan0 addm arge0)


(TL-MR3020 bridge1 (addm wlan0 addm arge0) -lan-(VDSL modem)

Ping from TL-MR3020 -MESH- TL-MR3020 work (without bridge)..
If i ping from PC to VDSL-MODEM i see on bridge1 arp request and arp replay
but replay newer pass thru bridge1 back to brige0 and PC1..
On the other hand on VDSL modem (4 port switch) i have connected other
devices which sends broadcast packets and these packets i see on bridge0.

Can anyone see what the problem is?
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