I'm slowly going through bwn and looking at what I can pull out to
make adding new phys (11n, etc) easier. There's .. a lot. I'm going to
try and extract out the transmit/receive code and whatever other PHY
bits we need to make it easier to bring over code from b43 and

I'm also going to sprinkle some lock assertions through the codebase
to make sure that we're serialising access to the hardware. I'd really
hate to find overlapping access to the PHY/MAC. :(

Landon has been working on a rewrite of the siba/bhnd bus code to make
it a whole lot easier to do things with these chips, so thanks to him.
I'm hoping that can be flipped on by default on -HEAD but I'd first
like some bwn hardware that I can see working right.

Now - I'm going to ask for some help!

Apparently the b43 driver developers actually found/fixed a whole lot
of hangs which used to require pio mode - and now apparently it
doesn't. I'd really appreciate it if someone would go through the b43
driver in linux and find the commit(s) where they fixed PIO mode for a
bunch of PHYs. I'd like to commit that to FreeBSD.

There's also some RX overflow/underflow stuff that was committed to
dragonflybsd that wasn't committed back to FreeBSD. I'd also like that
investigated and tested if possible.


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