Cool! Do you have a blinking LED for wifi? :)


No, this laptop has only three on/off leds and none for the Wi-Fi.

I’ve make another crude test to compare iwm performance under FreeBSD and Windows 10: I often extend domestic Wi-Fi range with a second router connected to the first one through an Ethernet cable. This allows me to work in the garden with Windows 10 at about 15 meters from the router with a decent wireless throughput. With FreeBSD, I’d say that wireless stability is not enough over 10 meters. Nevertheless, as with Windows 10, if I lose the connection I can move around and find a good spot and in seconds the connection comes back again without intervention on my side.

That said, this card is less performant in Windows than the Intel PRO (iwn) which comes with an older HP 6730b laptop: lesser SSIDs are found and it seems more difficult to keep connected with weaker ones. An even older Marvell PCI (malo) works almost better… So big kudos to FreeBSD devs for getting that card behave so nicely!

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