Hello all,

 I've sync our driver with the DragonflyBSD one.
 I'm currently happilly running it on three on my laptops :
 - HP 840 G1 (iwm 7260)
 - HP 840 G2 (iwm 7265)
 - HP 840 G3 (iwm 8000C)

 Just so you know :
 1) I know nothing about wireless
 2) This was only done in one day
 3) I started the day sober, I finished it drunk
 4) There is still locking problem at fw load and scan (probably
because of 1, 2 and 3)
 5) I do NOT plan to commit this for 11.0
 6) I DO plan to commit this for 12 once code freeze is finished (and
when the last problems would be corrected)
 7) I will eventually commit this for 11.1

 I you want to test it (especially if you have the 3160 serie) all the
code is in my github branch : https://github.com/evadot/freebsd/tree/iwm
 Just recompile the modules from sys/modules/{iwm,iwmfw}.
 You need the last firmware (version 16.XXX) for the driver to work.

 The main news is that the serie 8000 is supported (found in skylake
laptop) and that the led works (not on the 8000 serie thought).

 Knowing nothing about wireless I do not plan to maintain this driver
but I'll try keep it synced with DragonflyBSD/OpenBSD (so yeah I think
that this is maintening ...)

 Please let me know (here would be better) if you have any problem (or
not) with this update.


Emmanuel Vadot
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