Mon, 27 Jun 2016 20:06:20 +0300 було написано Marcus von Appen <>:


the attached patch may fix this issue (probably)


thanks to previous efforts, the rtwn(0) connection for my RTL8188CE
wireless card is far more stable. It seems to come at the price of
relatively bad performance, though. After r302035 from avos@, I
can't get more than 500 kbit/s downstream from anywhere.

I don't think that this is a regression - that was already noted in PR 203105:

-Speed seems limited to 16Mbps rate (around 120 kbps on downstream),
even though the ifconfig summary show 802.11g/56mbps.

Let me know, what information is necessary to isolate and correct
that issue. I'll gladly test it. :-)

You can check number of input errors (netstat -I wlan0); it should be
relatively small (or even zero).


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