I've started digging into what FreeBSD WDS is at. Yes, it's because I
now need it at home. :-)

* there's two kinds of WDS - static and dynamic
* I'm playing with dynamic WDS for now
* with dynamic WDS, the STA/AP has a normal association with (ifconfig
wlanX dwds) and then the AP side creates a VAP for each seen DWDS
* .. ie, a MAC address behind the STA.
* Then, 'wlanwds' is supposed to watch the AP parent interface, and
then plumb up the WDS VAP, insert it into the bridge, etc, when it
comes up.

So, a bunch of stuff doesn't work out of the box anymore!

* firstly, there's no longer a parent interface - but we still have to
provide it (eg 'ath0'.) It should be okay, but I need to dig into it
some more.
* I can somehow make the ath driver run out of RX buffers when DWDS is
enabled - I'll dig into what's going on.
* It is correctly receiving DWDS frames on the WDS VAP, and sending
them back out, but it's not making it through to the parent interface
and out to the station again.
* And, there's no 'node' plumbed up in ifconfig wlan0 or ifconfig
wlanX (WDS VAP) list sta. I need to go see what's going on there - the
rate control code needs it at least; other state like A-MPDU will need
it too.

Next, I'll try the static WDS (wdslegacy) and see if I can at least
plumb things up with that. Maybe I'll get lucky.

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