Hi everyone,

rtwn(4), urtwn(4) and urtwm (from previous emails) drivers were merged into a
single rtwn driver (plus rtwn_usb / rtwn_pci device glue); the code is
available on https://github.com/s3erios/rtwn repository. Among bugfixes /
code deduplication, there some new features too:

1) multi-vap support (one any wireless interface + one STA interface +
any number of monitor mode interfaces).
2) few new sysctls:
 * dev.rtwn.#.crypto - controls how to use hardware crypto acceleration
 * dev.rtwn.#.ratectl_selected
 * dev.rtwn.#.ratectl - selects current 'rate control' algorithm
(currently only 'none' and 'net80211' are supported; RTL8192CE needs testing
with the last).
3) (incomplete) power management support for RTL8188EU (requires firmware).
4) Short Guard Interval support.

It's known to work with RTL8188CUS, RTL8188EU and RTL8821AU; however,
it was never tested with RTL8192CE or RTL8812AU.

1) download / checkout the repository.
2) apply 'patch-usbdevs.diff' against '/usr/src'
3) build and install rtwn module:
   cd $repository/sys/modules/rtwn && make && make install
4) build and install rtwn_usb/rtwn_pci:
   cd ../rtwn_usb && make && make install
   cd ../rtwn_pci && make && make install
5) unload previous && load current drivers:
   kldunload if_urtwn if_rtwn
kldload /boot/modules/if_rtwn.ko /boot/modules/if_rtwn_usb.ko /boot/modules/if_rtwn_pci.ko
6) Use.
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