Em 06/09/2016 15:01, Hans Petter Selasky escreveu:
On 09/06/16 18:38, Otacílio wrote:
After a lot of messages this appears:

13:04:40.000436 usbus1.2
13:04:40.000447 usbus1.2 SUBM-BULK-EP=00000081,SPD=HIGH,NFR=1,SLEN=0,IVAL=0
urtwn0: device timeout


A USB analyzer would tell for sure. Most likely the USB dongle has stopped responding and is NAKing the 0x03 BULK OUT endpoint, which leads to the USB_ERR_TIMEOUT. You can try to set .interval = 1, in "struct usb_config", to nice the USB OUT transfers.


This means that the dongle is broken? Because I have two different models doing this.



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