Ok, eg:

LERCTR NETWORK 2.5               e4:8d:8c:ba:14:ea    2   54M
-168:-127  100 EPS  SSID<LERCTR NETWORK 2.5>
RATES<B2,B4,B11,B22,12,18,24,36> DSPARMS<2> ERP<0x0> HTCAP<cap 0x106e
param 0x3 mcsset[0-15] extcap 0x0 txbf 0x0 antenna 0x0> RSN<v1
mc:AES-CCMP uc:AES-CCMP km:8021X-PSK> XRATES<48,72,96,108> HTINFO<ctl
2, 5,0,0,0 basicmcs[]> VEN<dd2a000c42000000011e00100000226325-> WPA<v1

Ok, it advertises 1M as a basic rate, but it doesn't allow 6 or 12 or
18mb rates, only 24, 36, 48, 54 for 11g. Very amusing.

It works fine(tm) at home, where I associate various devices to
freebsd APs (and tplinks running vendor code) in 11bg mode. Yeah,
those RSSI values look wrong, but it at least does associate.

So hm, I wonder whether you're actually sending out the frame, or
whether it's goign out but you can't hear the ACK, or the other end
isn't ACKing. Do you have some other NIC? eg a urtwn USB NIC? That way
we could put it into monitor mode and see what's actually going on
when it associates.


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