--- Comment #7 from Jimmy Kelley <> ---
I have the same problem (msk and ath on a Toshiba laptop), where creating a
lagg failover interface by setting the mac address on ath0 to that of msk0
worked fine on FreeBSD 10, but doesn't on FreeBSD 11.  I just tried putting
that hint in /boot/loader.conf and rebooting, but that didn't fix anything. 
Interesting enough, the wlan0 mac address *is* showing that it's set to the
hint value after the machine is up in multi-user mode, but dmesg is showing a
"kernel: wlan0: Ethernet address:  xx.xx.xx.xx.xx.xx" message with the original
ath0 mac address during boot (I'm assuming that's from the 'ifconfig wlan0
create wlandev ...' that happens during startup).

To get my lagg interface working, I have to reverse the set-up, and set the mac
address on msk0 to that of the ath0 device.

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