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My hardware and experience are both different; whether one has a significant
effect on the other, I don't know.

Summary: I don't see the problem.

More details:
  Information on my laptop may be found at
 As noted there, I field-replaced the Broadcom wireless/Bluetooth card (which
was apparently not supported) with the Intel WiFi Link 5100 that I pulled out
of my previous laptop (Dell M4400).

Further, I have (also) been tracking head on the same laptop (on a different
slice of the boot drive).  Once stable/11 was branched, I copied the head
slice's / and /usr file systems to a 3rd slice, then used "svn switch" to
update that slice's /usr/src from head to stable/11; I have been tracking head,
stable/11, and stable/10 daily on the m4800 since.

While I have had issues with suspend/resume (e.g., a recent update to
x11/nvidia/driver appears to have broken resume for me until I switched from
x11/nvidia-driver to x11/nvidia-driver-340), I do not recall ever having an
issue with iwn/wlan0 failing to work on resume.  (And yes, I do exercise
suspend/resume: I suspend the laptop before getting on my bike to get to the
shuttle stop, resume once on shuttle (and use wireless to access the Internet),
then suspend again once we reach work (before I stuff the laptop back in my
backpack), then resume again once I'm at my desk.)

And for the past 3 weeks or so, I've been running stable/11 on the laptop
Monday - Friday.

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