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So the beacon miss / TSFOOR is the driver side. I can go take another look at
fixing that up.

The CCMP replay attack thing - that we need another NIC to sniff the air in
monitor mode and try to capture the invalid PN showing up in the air. If it's
coming over the air then sure, we can nail it down. If it's not coming over the
air, and instead it's corrupted by the AR9380 NIC, we're in trouble.

I need to go double / triple-check to see if we pass frames that fail
CRC/FCS/decrypt up to the stack for incorrect processing. I'm kinda worried
that we're processing invalid frames a little too far along the input /
decryption path.

Ummm... I am not familiar with this device, but I have run into similar issues on other IO devices. Do you have a spare/replacement device you can substitute in? It turned out that on one system one of the device chip registers was magically 'losing' a bit. We did not discover the cause of this problem until after much pain and effort and we replaced the motherboard. After that experience, I always try a replacement device first. Also, if is software related then the replacement will continue to show the problem. If it is hardware then you will get NO problems, or if Murphy's Law is active, DIFFERENT problems.

Good luck, Adrian,  you have solved some REALLY weird problems before.

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