I have two new commit reviews:

* https://reviews.freebsd.org/D8364 - initial crypto offload for
IV/MMIC stripping
* https://reviews.freebsd.org/D8365 - IBSS HT awareness

The crypto offload is only the initial work - there's some more work to do:

* the input path needs to be taught that the ENCRYPTED RX flag is set
by FC1_PROTECTED isn't - and that IVs, etc have been stripped
* the decrypt modules need to handle key being NULL, so they can just
check mbuf flags, etc
* the output crypto path needs to be taught to not include CCMP/TKIP
IVs. I don't know about WEP IVs yet.

The IBSS 11n stuff works well enough in local tests. There are other
crashes that happen that happen with normal non-11n - mostly around
nodes disappearing/reappearing and states getting out of whack. The
ieee80211_ht.c code is just in general missing locking. :(


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